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Mistakes We Generally Make in an Interview    by Greg Culver

There are many things that may go wrong during an interview due to the nervousness or stress. Everyone, be it an experienced or a new person, fears of an interview. Some common mistakes that most of the people make during an interview are as under:

Not being honest: Many people try to impress the interviewer by false implications. Some try to pretend if they are trying to understand a question when they don't know the answer. It's better to say that you don't know the answer as interviewers are experts and they count on this.

Trying to wing the interview: The best way out of this problem is to practice. You can search for and find a list of interview questions to practice the questions in front of a friend, a tape recorder, and a mirror. You may also conduct an interview rehearsal to decrease nervousness. Providing insufficient details: You must think, analyze and then solve any technical questions or technical problems. This would impress the interviewer as they need persons who can think logically and solve problems. You must verbalize your thinking and articulate the problem solving procedure.

Not listening: You must concentrate on the question asked by the interviewer and then answer the question only after collecting your thoughts. For questions that are related to the work process related subjects should be given special attention as they differ from company to company. Most of the time interviewer tells you about the answer before and asks questions about the same thing afterwards to check your expertise.

Lack of enthusiasm: Always greet the interviewer with a firm handshake and a smile on your face. Express your feelings about the industry and show confidence in their company and job profile.

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