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Hurricanes - Be Prepared Before The Storm Hits   by Sharon Stajda

With the two most active months of hurricane season occurring in August and September, it is important to prepare early. The hurricane season is never predictable, so it is best to have a family plan of action, along with necessary supplies before the first watches are issued.

A good start is to stock up on needed items before the hurricane season begins. The following is a list of supplies most commonly used during a storm:

Batteries Flashlights Radios Canned Food Bottled Water Generator Gas Coolers Water-proof storage containers Can openers Cell phone and charger

Understand that many people wait until the last minute to purchase supplies for a Hurricane so buying early will ensure you will not be running from store to store when these items have already sold out.

Many times during the hurricane season, areas expected to be effected by the storm will be issued an evacuation. It is a good idea to have a plan of action for your family, including an evacuation route so that you will know ahead of time which route to take along with any stops that you will make. Be sure to have ready a map, telephone numbers of places you plan to stop at and a personal evacuation kit containing anything your family will need if you have to leave your home. Recommended items to include are:

Prescription medicines and first aid kit Food & water to last at least 24 hours Clothing and bedding, including sleeping bags or blankets and pillows Car keys and vehicle maintenance check-up Cash/checkbook/ATM/debit/credit cards

Should you have to evacuate your home it is also important to take with you all important documents regarding your family and home such as:

Birth Certificates Social Security Cards Insurance policies Car registration and titles Deeds or leases to your home Any papers pertaining to warranties of any large items that you own Medical records

Remember that it is better to be safe than sorry. Being prepared is one of the best steps to take to ensure you and your family's safety.

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